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North Coast Blues is the Long Beach Peninsula/North Oregon Coast’s premier blues band.

Consisting of guitarist Richard Thomasian and bassist Dan Golden from the Swing Cats and drummer Clint Carter from the Buoy 10 band, North Coast Blues plays “Blues, Funk, and Rock ‘n Roll” and features guest musicians like John Arevalo, Jim Rafferty, and Ray Coffey in it’s very eclectic performances.

The Cadillac Horns are out of the garage and IN YOUR HOUSE!

These hemi-powered horns have been honking around the Puget Sound music scene for the last seven years wasting no time establishing an impressive pedigree. Not only have they performed live with members of Tower of Power, The Cars, Bad Company, Talking Heads, EWF, Journey, Queen, The Who, and other international notables, they remain YES drummer, Alan White’s, personal hot rods of distinction when he performs near his home territory around the Sound.

The Cadillac Horns are ‘Skinny’ Lynn Cook, trombone, Darryl ‘Rocketman’ Estes, saxes, and Brad ‘B-Rad’ Smith on trumpet! They’re built for your ever-lovin’ comfort, not for speed!

North Coast Blues Band